Williamson Act contracts are being reviewed by the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors, Tuesday, February 2nd at the Administration Building on Low Gap Road. The state cancelled funding about a year ago and the county is now carefully reviewing land reserved for agriculture under the Williamson Act. At the meeting, the Board is contemplating non-renewal notices for land not in compliance with the Act. They are also addressing a moratorium on accepting new applications for Ag preserve.
An item the Board will not be discussing is the limitation of one home per land in Ag preserve. I understand this to mean that if there are 5 parcels in Ag preserve under the Williamson Act with all the development on one of the parcels and an undeveloped parcel is sold, the county will not issue a building permit for that undeveloped parcel. This is a new development. To get the property out of Ag preserve, the county would roll it out over 10 years, which means the county would not issue a building permit for that parcel for 10 years.
It is important for people owning, selling, or buying land in Ag preserve to be aware of these changes.

Cindy Lindgren, The Mendocino County Landlady

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