The Board of Supervisors has directed the recently (about a year ago) formed Resource Lands Protection Committee (RLPC) to review the all Ag Preserve (as well as TPZ) related items.  RLPC is comprised of a representative from PBS, the County Assessor, Agricultural Commissioner and County Counsel.  We have been meeting on a weekly basis focusing mainly on reviewing the reporting statements to ensure each of the contracted properties are in compliance.  Part of this necessarily entails the interpretation of the County Code and State laws where the Williamson Act is concerned.

The Williamson Act has remained more or less consistent on the building restrictions.  However, it is the County that is given discretionary authority as to how restrictions should apply locally.  Having said that, the state can conduct (and has conducted) audits to ensure that non-compliance is held to a minimum which could include penalties as they have in the past.

Cindy Lindgren, The Mendocino County Landlady

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