Family Portrait SilhouetteFinding the right real estate agent need not be the hardest part of looking for or selling property. But it can be as important as any other part of the process.  It will make all the difference in how the rest of the process goes. Like most communities, there’s more than one agency and many agents in each agency. Finding the right real estate agent will get you through the times when things don’t go as planned at your end or at the other end, and that happens!

Here is a beginning checklist to work down as you look for the right agent.

1. Referrals are a good way to begin finding the right real estate agent. Ask your family, friends, people you work with, call a local title company or the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service) Office.

2. Real estate listings in the local newspaper and real estate magazines will tell you who the more active agents are and as important, how they present themselves and the properties they have for sale. Is that how you would like to be represented? You might start by looking for the ads of the agents referred to you. Check to see if they have their own presence on the internet, a website or a blog.

3. Interview 2 or 3 real estate agents you feel you might want to represent you. In person is always best but you can start with a phone call.  This is better than email because you can hear the voice behind the words. Here are a few questions to start the conversation and build on.  Remember you are not simply looking for the answers to these questions but also how they are answered, how the real estate agent engages with you. This relationship may be a short one, or it may go on for a time.
a. How long have you worked in this community?
b. What will the working relationship be like?
c. (If you are new to real estate ask) can you describe the process involved in selling/buying real
Then, how do you feel talking with them? Do they clearly explain things to you? Are they patient with your questions? Do you feel they are answering your questions or just giving you stock answers? Are they good listeners?Blue Compass

Again, finding the right real estate agent need not be difficult but it should never be taken for granted. Don’t just walk into the first agency and up to the first agent you see. Along with the emotions involved of finding your dream property or selling the home your family grew up in, there are legal and financial issues. None of this needs to be scary or unnecessarily complicated for anyone, and it won’t be when guided by the right real estate agent.

Cindy Lindgren, The Mendocino County Landlady

As a Ukiah real estate professional, I have had the joy of helping individuals, couples, and families buy and sell Mendocino County real estate and Ukiah homes for over 30 years.

Contact me anytime if you want to sell your home or land or receive a free custom listing of properties.